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Jumbo Blocks Standard Building Set, 96-piece

Introducing the Jumbo Blocks Standard building set, which offers 96 pieces to create a spacious home for your child, the Set includes a through-wall to ceil light, a front and a back wall to ceil light, a single floor to floor wall, and a column. With its spacious size, the Jumbo Blocks is top for larger children, the Set comes with a carrying case and is available in colors blue, green, and yellow.

Jumbo Blocks Standard Building Set

The Jumbo Blocks Set is a first-rate substitute to add in some fun and excitement to your child's playroom, the Blocks are large, making them top-rated for small spaces and the interlocking design makes for facile cleaning. This Jumbo Blocks Standard building Set is a terrific substitute for children who desiderate to build with their friends, there are 96 pieces in the set, and they are all interlocking in the desired direction. The Set comes with a small army vehicle, a big red truck, a sister truck, and a first aid kit, the Jumbo Blocks Standard building Set is a top Set for children who yearn to build a new home. The Set includes 96 pieces that mix and match with other pieces to make it a terrific fit for every child, the Jumbo Blocks are large interlocking pieces that are fantastic for young hands and help them to learn how to build things with their hands. This is a Standard building Set for children aged 96 years or older, each filled with interlocking small blocks. The Blocks are of different sizes and shapes, and can be used to build different types of structures.